Top 5 apps of the month[AUGUST]

Top 5 apps of the month[AUGUST]

Hey there! hope you all are doing well. Today we are here to discuss top 5 best apps of the month – august. It is always a pleasure to learn and know about latest apps and games to enhance your smartphone experience.

All the apps discussed below are android based and available to download from google play store.

1. Arc – Seamless File Sharing

Arc is a new platform to share file via wifi network. The app is made by Quadren and is free to download from playstore. The app still shows as BETA but is stable enough to use. It comes with a clean interface for android as well as desktop users. File sharing speed is decent but not the fastest.
I would high recommend giving it a try over other Chinese apps to prevent breach of data.

2. Memrise Easy Language Learning

Memrise is a useful language learning platform, it really helps to learn to many tough and complex language in a very innovative and easy way. Our team tested the app before mentioning it here, and it did not disappoint us at any aspect. The ui seems very user friendly and even a kid above 10 can easily use it.

Memrise is not a free app but you can still use with certain limitations without paying for it. I would high recommend checking this app for yourself.

3. Minimalist phone: Productivity

Minimalist launcher is an amazing innovation in terms of productivity, since it really manages to keep your mind off disturbances in social world. Minimalist launcher is really clean to look at and really calms the stress of mindless scrolling over social media feeds and your app drawer. If you are one of those professional worker, who wants to speed up their productivity, you should definitely give it a try. Top 5 apps of the month[AUGUST]

4. Tessa Icon Pack

Tessa icon pack is one of the most beautiful icon pack I have ever used. It comes with more than 1000 icons which have an interesting gradient look to it. The icons feel high quality. The developer has managed to design the icons without losing their actual appearance. I would highly suggest it to all users who love customizing their device, trust me it wont let you down. This is not a paid app but you can easily get it around a 1-2 dollars or even less in sales. Top 5 apps of the month[AUGUST]

5. FreshWalls – 4K, HD Wallpapers

Freshwalls is a free wallpaper based by some of the great designers, freshwalls contains some really high quality wallpapers. Stock wallpapers of some famous smartphone vendors can be found here too. It is available to download from playstore. Top 5 apps of the month[AUGUST]

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