Scope of graphic designers in India

Scope of graphic designers in India

” Design is a formal response to a strategic question.”

A graphic designer is in great demand as it is the need of every company and business. Every Day more and more companies are building their creative teams and the demand and need for graphic and visual communication designers are increasing rapidly.
The digital era is here to stay and graphic designing has already become an indispensable part of this age. To imagine any company without a graphic designer is impossible.

Graphic design is not just about the funky font and putting together two images. Graphic_designing is described as the combination of words, images, and ideas used to convey information to the audience.
Graphic designing in India is becoming an increasingly relevant and sought-after profession.

Does graphic designing have scope in India?

“The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.”
~ Adam Judge

India is a land of creativity and innovation. Indian intellects and innovative people have been praised by the whole world. In modern days, there is a huge opportunity in a creative field like Graphic design inside and outside India.

Graphic design has become one of the best career options in India. It is not only among those jobs that can bring huge money but can give you job satisfaction. With the rise in demand for graphic designers, there are plenty of job opportunities for graphic designers in India because it is in great demand as it is the need of every startup, company, and business.

The work of Graphic designers can be found everywhere, in the websites you visit, the game you play, the advertisement you see, the movies you watch, and the logos of the product you buy. The digital era is here to stay and graphic designing has already become an indispensable part of age.

There is a range of choices for the type of employment an individual might want as well.
Graphic design is a promising career in a developing country like India.

Scopes of graphic design are rapidly increasing in India as India is a land of creativity and innovation.

As per the result, every business enterprise communicates with its customers around 40% in a visual communication way.

Thus employment in the graphic designing sector is rapidly rising in India.

Demands of graphic designers

“If you do good work for good clients, it will lead to other good work for other good clients. If you do bad work for bad clients, it will lead to other bad work for other bad clients.”
– Michael Bierut

As per the survey, it has been observed that the demand for graphic designers has increased from 23% to 65%.

This shift in demand for graphic designers happened because big companies and advertising agencies started hiring graphic designers for several works. They require graphic designers for designing their logos because it affects the customer mindset and tends to attract customers to their products.

Graphic designers were hugely required in gaming agencies and the demand for graphic designers is rapidly increasing in advertising agencies.

A graphic designer is in great demand as it is the need of every company and business.
Graphic designer helps the company create graphics for each aspect of the company like – logo design, infographics, social media graphics, UI/UX design, etc.

As a graphic designer, you can earn a lot as a freelancer or employee in a company in India. To become a good graphics designer in India you need to learn- Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Indesign, and After effects (for motion graphics).

Do they have a proper education system?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

Absolutely yes, graphic designers typically need a bachelor’s degree to break into their career of choice. Graphic designers use computer technology to produce artwork for product packaging websites and magazines. For being a good graphic designer you need to have strong artistic abilities, good communication skills, and have no problems getting to grips with new software systems, the only thing standing between you and a career as a graphic designer will be a few qualifications:

Aspiring graphic designers typically need a bachelor’s degree.
Degrees in graphic design and fine art are offered widely at colleges, universities, and design schools around the country.
If you have a degree in another field, want to become a graphic designer for instance, you can still break into the profession by earning an associate’s degree or a certificate in graphic design.
With good qualifications, graphic designers also need a strong portfolio of work that showcases their abilities

Scope of graphic designers in India

What are the highest-paid jobs?

“Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it.”

~Katharine Whitehorn

Graphic design offers versatile job opportunities, in other words being creative during your workday and creating something with your imagination in your flexible hours.
Graphic designers can earn high salaries due to the specialized nature of their work and therfore the demand for graphic designers is high. Especially in the age of digital era more content means more opportunities. This is a growing field of this age.
Now let’s discuss some of the highest paying graphic design jobs, along with average salaries and job responsibilities.

Application developer

The application developer is someone who creates/writes programs for a particular operating system (i.e., MaC OS X, UNIx, windows ) the web, or a device.

Average salary: $90,119 per year


They design and create applications for computers and mobile devices. They work on video games or websites to enhance the visual aspects of different applications through writing code.
This job involves writing codes and knowledge of computer programming language.

Digital designer

A Digital designer is someone who creates digital assets for multimedia and graphic projects including- websites, mobile apps, advertising, animations, emails, and social media.
Some digital designers exclusively work on a digital project.

Average salary: $92,389 per year

They specialize in creating animation and special effects. They sometimes operate under the title of artist, multimedia artist and animator.

Creative manager :

A creative manager, or creative service manager or creative service manager, meets with clients to plan the design of a campaign for marketing or brand development.

Average salary: $74,702 per year

A creative manager typically works with marketing firms, advertising companies, or other large, corporate organizations.

User experience director (UX)

It is the human-first approach to product design and creates structural design solutions for pain points that users encounter anywhere along their journey with the product.

Average salary: $113,219 per year

Their team leads to design and create products that users find easy to access and use.
Their primary focus is to give whatever product they are working on abilities that result in a positive user experience.

Visual designer

Visual designer designs for a variety of platforms which may include internet and intranet sites, games, and movies.
They create the concepts, artworks, and layouts for digital projects based on creative briefs and client meetings.

Average salary: $69,810 per year

Visual designer works on creative projects that involve visual art for individual clients or corporations.

Scope of graphic designers in India

Industrial designer:

An industrial designer is concerned with all the human aspects of machine-made product and their relationship to people and the environment.
Industrial design deals with consumer products and industrial products.

Average salary: $ 68,357 per year

Plan and potential product
Draft sketches, illustrations, and storyboards of product concepts.
Present sketches to the client
Research design trends and product limitations
Negotiate design solutions with clients, management, and manufacturing staff.
Test designs in focus groups or surveys.

Front end developer:

Front-end development rejects clients’ side development, where the focus is on what users visually see first in their browser or application. Front-end developers are responsible for the look and feel of a site.

Average salary: $109,479 per year

A front-end developer is a web developer who works on the aspects of an application that users interact with, like images or displayed texts. As they work with visual elements of web applications, front-end developers have experience in graphic designing.

Scope of graphic designers in India

Video Game designer:

A video game designer is very much like the director of a film, the designer is the visionary of the game and controls the artistic and technical elements of the game in fulfillment of their vision.

Average salary:$57,355 per year

A video game designer creates visual and interactive effects in a video game. This can include character design, level design, and animating background elements like foliage.
Video game designers contribute to a game’s storytelling as they can collaborate with the writing team to create storylines that use each feature of a video game’s design.

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