How to Make 3D Realistic Fur Effect in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Hey there! today we are going to learn about How to Make 3D Realistic Fur Effect in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial. This is a fun way to make your design look different than usual. It is really simple to make furry objects and shapes in adobe illustrator. You just need to follow the steps give below.

3D Realistic Fur Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Step 1 : Open Adobe Illustrator and Create an artboard of any size(your choice)

Step 2 : Select Ellipse tool and draw a circle while holding SHIFT for perfect shape.

Step 3 : Select the circle and fill the gradient color from palette, make sure to set the stroke to 0.

Step 4 : Select the Circle and click on EDIT GRADIENT. Choose any color(your choice)

Step 5 : Replicate the circle and choose different colors for it

Step 6 : Select both the circles and under the object tab click on MAKE in blend menu.

Step 7 : In Blend Options click on SPECIFIED DISTANCE and adjust the value accordingly.

Step 8 : Select Pen Tool and draw a random line next to the eclipses.

Step 9 : Now select ellipse & line and under the Object tab choose REPLACE SPINE from Blend Menu

Step 10 : Select the object on artboard and under the effect tab choose ROUGHEN from DISTORT & TRANSFORM menu

Step 11 : Adjust the values according to you and export the vector.

You can also watch this you tube video for better understanding of the process. Make sure to use the latest version of adobe illustrator, older versions may have different layout and tools.


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