Best website for color palettes

Best website for color palettes. So we all know designing has a very important concept of colors. A user inherits the function to get the idea of a brand through the shades he gets in branding.

Designers put a lot of time finding the best possible combination of colors to make it fit to a brand’s ideology. Its seriously a damn hard job to find a perfect combo, but hey here stands our todays article of some of the best website having more than thousands of curated combinations of different shades with different schemes to full fill your search.

When we talk about color palette, one thing is must to always keep in mind, its a sugar coated candy that you may want to see more of them. It becomes to hard to find one perfect combo when you have so many good ones lying in front of you. But dont be afraid to give it a try with these amazing website.

Specialty with these websites is that these website have different categories and scheme to differentiate all the color palette for you in a well done manner. It becomes a lot easier to browse and select one.

Lets just have a look at these websites.

If you want to avoid reading the article and get the knowledge, we have a simple 30 sec video to guide you through all the website best for choosing color palette. Follow the link –

Best website for color palettes

Top 5 Best websites for choosing color palettes

1. Huesnap

So Huesnap is just so simple to use and has a variety to choose from. And when I say variety, I really mean it. It really has a huge collection of curated color palettes to choose from for your projects and brands.

Basically I would recommend it to all users who are not more into professional work And the you know what the best part is, its completely free of cost and it does not even require to mention in credits.

2. Adobe Colors

Adobe colors is the most advanced and feature rich color palette generator and library. It has a wide range to chose from and the features like gradient extractions and color palette generator with image is just so pleasing.

And guess what Adobe colors too is free of cost to use, one just need to signin in order to manage and sync self created palettes.
Adobe colors is basically for advance users and designers, one has so much control over colors that normal users may feel overwhelming.

3. Coolors

Coolors is an amazing color palette website to get hands on your best palette for project or professional work. It is really simple to use and is recommended for non advance users, users who are just searching to get a decent lookingcolor combination will love the way Coolors work.

Coolors has a premium subscription too which offers saving more than 5 color palette, generating your own and removing unwanted advertisements.

4. Colorable

Colorable stands in the list because of a very well thought idea of how one will use the foreground and background of an artboard. The concept really blows my mind, its really neat idea to manually adjust the foreground and background colors to demonstrate how exactly the thing is going to look when designed.

However its not an ideal color palette website since there are no color palette to choose from, but the idea still is great for users who are more into designing the literary form of designs. Best website for color palettes

5. Colorhunt

Colorhunt is a popular color palette website, its not as advanced as adobe colors but I am pretty sure all users would love to give it a try. It a no fancy features but the categorization and creation of new color palette or even choosing one from the list is really easy and even a kid can easily use this website.

They have also given a link to add it to your chrome extension so you can use it where ever you want. Color palette within this website is really pretty and quality controlled.


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